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A kismalac és a farkasok - The Piglet and the Wolves - The Piglet and the Wolves

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The Piglet and the Wolves

There was somewhere in the world a piglet who had a little cottage in the middle of a great forest. Once, as he was cooking for himself, a big, wild wolf walked to the house and called in through the door:
“Let me in my dear piglet, it is very cold outside, I’m cold.”
“I won’t allow you in because you will eat me.”
“Just let one of my hind legs in, then.”
The piglet let one of its hind legs into the house but in the meantime, slyly, also put up onto the hearth a potful of water to boil.
A little while later the wolf said again:
“Come, my dear piglet, let my other hind leg in.”
The piglet did as he was told but for the wolf it wasn’t enough and a little later he went on to say:
“My dear one, let my forefeet in too.”
The little piglet allowed the front paws in as well but this did not satisfy the wolf and said:
“My dear piglet, let my whole body in, you’ll see, I will not hurt you.”

The piglet put a big sack to the opening so that the wolf would walk into while backing into the house and with that he allowed him in. It happened just as planned for the wolf backed into the sack. The piglet did not lose a moment either, quickly tied up the sack, took the potful of boiling water from the hearth, scalded the wolf with it and ran up a big tree.
The wolf was howling for a while for the hot water made his hair all disappear. After having some tossing and turning, the sack opened up, out he crawled and ran for help. Soon he returned with ten of his kind and started looking for the piglet. Finally, they spotted him on the top of a tree.
They went to the bottom of the tree and put their heads together what to do and how to capture the piglet because none of them could climb a tree. After some time they agreed to stand on each other’s shoulders and with that the uppermost wolf might be able to catch the piglet. They started to climb onto each other’s shoulders but the scalded wolf stayed at the bottom for he was afraid to go higher, therefore all of the other wolves were on his shoulders.  

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